Aircraft Maintenance

Thinking ahead of the airplane.

At Greenpoint, we find solutions and refine processes until they work for everyone. Our team members have played an important role in ensuring the company’s overall success. In a department where collaboration is essential, you’ll find driven, creative professionals. At every stage, we’re empowered with the best tools and training available. After that, it’s our job to make things happen.

“Our business and the services we provide are highly specialized and so are the people who provide them. I have the pleasure to work every day with people who are committed to quality at the highest levels.”

 – Trey, VP – General Manager

Respect is the cornerstone 
of our success.

Our teams have a mutual dedication to superior quality standards in aircraft maintenance. We tap into the knowledge and technical talent our teams bring to the table by welcoming their partnership in getting the job done right.


We’ve taken the steps to ensure that we’re providing the most current education to our team members. With operational standards implemented and in practice, we can ensure that our teams are equipped to be successful at work.


At Greenpoint, we want our team members to develop their professional and technical skills. We complement our team members’ passion and motivation by providing tools and training to accomplish their goals.


Many of our team members are an active part of the community. From civic to charitable organizations, we participate in community-oriented activities throughout the year, including Toys for Tots, Humane Society, and Angel Tree, to name a few. Within our own organization, you’ll find a community of high-performers who look out for each other and love to have fun.

Kris <br /> Program Manager

Program Manager

“I grew up wondering how everything worked. It was in my nature. I started working for Greenpoint when I was nineteen years old and went to school at the same time. Loving what I did made all the hard work worthwhile. We get the opportunity to see fleets of aircraft grow and change from where they once started.”

Tim <br /> Avionics Lead

Avionics Lead

“Greenpoint is always implementing new safety procedures to meet our ever growing demands, from hangar safety on something as simple as implementing cable protection covers and static grounding reels, to heavy duty state of the art fall safety equipment and man lifts. Training is a major contributing factor to well-educated employees that do the job correctly the first time.”

Life at Greenpoint

Working on the floor, being close to the aircraft, is an eye-opening experience. Loving your work, and loving where you work is at the heart of Greenpoint.

Achieve with us.

Inspired by confidence, we’re entrusted with the maintenance and refurbishment of high quality business jets. We are immensely proud to contribute our expertise to our VIP customers.

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