Winning through swift, coordinated execution.

At Greenpoint, we’re proud of the positive, engaged, and highly-motivated team that we’ve assembled. Passion is a prerequisite when working on highly-complex, multi-million dollar contracts. With considerable investment in training and tools, our team members know that they’re empowered every step of the way. Our values, respect, and high-achievement attitude are the foundation of our day-to-day interactions. This is a culture custom-built for high performers.

“We live by our values, they aren’t just words. We hire people who share them. We abide by our code of conduct which is all about integrity, doing the right thing when no one’s looking, honoring commitments, and accepting consequences good or bad.”
– Scott, CEO

Talent makes us strong. Collaboration makes us stand out.

Everyone here is self-motivated. We want to succeed for ourselves and for our colleagues whom we respect for their excellence and aptitude. Working at Greenpoint gives us the opportunities to be a part of a winning team.


At all levels, our team members have a voice. You’re expected to raise issues that need to be addressed. It’s how we build better, employee-driven systems. People here respect opinions, actively listen, and move forward. We work collaboratively with one another, communicating candidly and succeeding as one unified organization.

Leading Edge

At Greenpoint, your talent can find its strongest expression through world-class technologies. You will be equipped with the best; whether it’s organizational philosophies, systems and tools, or professional development.


Customized aircraft come with few precedents. Each program requires initiative and a willingness to rewrite the rulebook. Here, you’ll see swift, coordinated execution in action. The flexibility to incorporate feedback into efficient solutions is critical to succeeding at Greenpoint.

Heidi <br> Director, Sales and Contracts

Director, Sales and Contracts

“Even in my wildest dreams, I never imagined myself sitting where I am today. Greenpoint saw something in me that I didn’t know existed within myself. Here, results, recognition, and promotion accompany high performance. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to experience all three.”

Dale <br /> Senior Director, Program Development

Senior Director, Program Development

“I lead a unique parallel professional life outside of Greenpoint Technologies with the Air Force Reserves. In many ways, the attributes that I continue to find attractive with the Air Force (i.e., service before self, respect for the individual, excellence in all we do, etc.) I’ve also come to find at Greenpoint. Greenpoint values and respects its employees.”

Life at Greenpoint

Our team members have access to resources that allow them to be their best. Love your work. Love where you work. That is the heart of Greenpoint.

Achieve with us.

The corporate opportunities at Greenpoint accelerate our team members’ growth. High achievers who thrive on transparency, accountability, and the willingness to take on large responsibilities will find an organization that matches their ambition. We live our values.

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