Life at Greenpoint: Culture

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Who we are and how we work together is driven by our collective vision of thinking and acting green, using efficient processes, systems and tools, and earning the confidence of our stakeholders, including clients, colleagues, professional partners, and our communities. Our employees enjoy a rich culture of camaraderie, honesty, collaboration, and continuous learning. We live the values.

“Through our values of creativity, integrity and teamwork, our company is known worldwide for aerospace technical excellence – providing clients a positive and predictable experience – while at the same time creating a work environment that is second to none. From inception, our company has always been about its employees.”

– Jon, Chairman

Our Values & Code of Conduct

Think Green
We live our code of conduct every day. Whether we “have the courage to give and receive honest and timely feedback,” or we’re “respecting other people’s time and workload,” we put the team first. We embrace accountability and initiative. We’re courageous in our communication, transparently addressing and resolving issues. We’re open-hearted and open-minded, receptive to feedback and ready for a challenge. You’ll find our values in our performance and how we work together.


We trust each other to perform, to take initiative, and deliver on our promises. Embracing responsibility takes integrity and we’re proud to say that the high-performers at Greenpoint possess this quality. We care about the success of the entire program. We’re forthright with our communication, always looking to refine our processes. We respect and listen to each other. It’s the only way true collaboration can flourish.


It takes a team of dedicated individuals to create a world-class aircraft interior. Though our team members have differing experiences and perspectives, they share a commitment to excellence. Whether it’s the IT department or our engineering and design teams, the ultimate success of the program is always within sight. At Greenpoint, teamwork is utilizing each other’s strength to ensure we’re working smartly and swiftly.


It’s our creativity and willingness to innovate that strengthens our reputation. Team members have the courage and problem-solving skills for every customer demand and scenario. If there’s a better way to do it, we’ll innovate. Leadership encourages creative thinking. It’s a key driver of our growth and success.

“The mix of disciplined processes coupled with flexibility to adapt and meet the customer’s needs is pivotal in producing an exceptional aircraft interior. It is a team environment that works together for the same goal of exceeding the customer’s expectations.”

BBJ Completion Manager

Customer Focus

We honor the commitments we make to our customers. We bring our expertise and emphasis on quality to bear on every aspect of the program. The partnerships we build with our customers are the consequence of our exceptional levels of accountability, transparency, and communication.

Community Service

Through our Adopt-A-Family program, we enjoy the gift of giving back during the holiday season. In spring, we adopt a house in need of repair for the annual Rebuilding Together day. In Texas, we have a strong presence in civic life, volunteering at organizations such as the Denton Watch Group and the Denton Humane Society.



Our commitment to transparency and open communication is the basis of our All-Hands meetings. All-Hands is a comprehensive monthly meeting, covering the company’s financials, program updates, sales campaigns, as well as recognizing individual achievements.



We care about the details. We care about the big picture. We care about every line of the design and we don’t cut corners. From program inception to the day of delivery, we care. The result? The highest standard of quality in our careers, lives, and ultimately, in the final product.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

High-achievers possess enough humility to know there’s always something to learn and someone to learn from. Empowered with extensive training resources and encouragement, nothing can hold us back. When it comes to aircraft interiors, the sky isn’t the limit, it’s just the beginning.



At Greenpoint, we combine our passion for airplanes and excellence to create an outstanding organization. We are a team that channels its passion for planes into the highest standards of swift, coordinated execution.

Achieve with us.

Everything we commit to doing is done with the best intent, of the highest quality, and as One Team. That is the Greenpoint culture.

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