The power to 
turn curiosity into innovation.

Greenpoint engineers design the interiors for some of the world’s highest-end aircraft, working in partnership across disciplines and systems to deliver an elite product. At Greenpoint, we strive to find engineers who can bring their creativity to the table, collaborate with one another, communicate fully, question the answers, and stand behind their design. Commitment to customer satisfaction starts with each individual. We deliver as One Team.

“We value both you and your career and give you the opportunities to realize your potential.” – Bruce, VP, Engineering

Development through collaboration.

Our engineers are passionate about improving their understanding of the core design processes in aerospace engineering. Working collaboratively with other departments is essential to our success at Greenpoint. It empowers our team members to evolve as engineers and as a department.


Recruiting engineers who seek out increased responsibility is a crucial part of our commitment to high-performance. Our culture of accountability and transparency allows you to do more and impact multiple aspects of the completion process of the aircraft design.


We embrace creativity and act quickly. Our teams engage with all aspects of an aircraft interior, designing with precision and excellence. We have a standard when working on custom, high-end business jets. We get it right the first time.


Each aircraft brings its own configurations and challenges. It’s never the same program twice. The unique nature of our business creates a problem-solving atmosphere 
driven by ingenuity.

Chris <br /> Interiors Engineering Manager

Interiors Engineering Manager

“There is an unprecedented level of corporate, financial and organization transparency alongside a fierce resolve for all employees to be open, honest and forthcoming. In my experience at Greenpoint, I have found something greater than opportunity. I have found people that see potential and nurture growth; leaders that develop new leaders.”

Kim <br /> Design Engineer

Design Engineer

“Recently, I was given the opportunity to work in another department within my group. By ‘working within but abroad’, I now have an understanding of an entirely different field. Greenpoint made that possible. Our team’s flexibility and appreciation of our desire to improve our skills makes working here a pleasure.”

Life at Greenpoint

Whether you’re searching for your next career move in Texas or Washington, you will enjoy what you find in our cities; arts and culture, diversity, recreational activities, and wonderful eateries. Loving your work, and loving where you work is at the heart of Greenpoint.

Achieve with us.

The engineering opportunities at Greenpoint accelerate our team members’ growth. In return for your expertise and creativity, you’ll share in the success of a dynamic, rewarding, and profitable company.

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