Program Management

Takeoff is
a team effort.

At Greenpoint, a genuine collaborative spirit runs through the organization. Delivering a complex product requires less politics and greater productivity. If you’re a high-achiever keen on getting things done, this environment was designed for you. Our leading-edge systems, processes, and management philosophies ensure that our performance bar is always high.

“In my twenty seven years in aerospace I have never experienced a culture and work ethic like Greenpoint’s while keeping a work life balance. No politics, uplifting, challenging, open minded, accountable people focused on delivering on our promise.”

–  Tim, VP, Program Management

Swift, coordinated execution.

Our teams are dedicated to deliver on schedule and on budget. At Greenpoint, you will encounter less bureaucracy and more empowerment. Our discussions result in decisions. That’s how we move forward.

Stretch Assignments

Interfacing with multiple departments ensures each day is unique and every challenge is new. Our team members rise up to the challenge and we trust them to get it done. All of our processes tie in to create a one-of-a-kind, elite product.


We have everything we need to consistently provide quality outcomes. Training, tools, and strong leadership make for a transparent, efficient workflow. We don’t have barriers. We have launch pads.

Growth & Development

Responsibility and accountability propel us towards growth. We depend on each other. Knowing that a co-worker is relying on you to succeed is a tremendous motivator. At every level, there’s a continuous focus on education and broadening skill sets.

Justin <br /> Program Manager

Program Manager

“We are pioneering a new era of VIP aircraft that could only be made possible through partnerships across the industry. These partnerships do not just happen. They require the ability to build strong and lasting relationships, have and hold a high degree of accountability, identify and communicate critical risks and issues, and share in successes. This allows us to honor our commitments to our Customers.”

Stu <br /> Director, Manufacturing Program Management

Director, Manufacturing Program Management

“One of the great advantages of operating out of multiple locations is the ability to leverage expertise across facilities. Working a project with the PM Team from different Greenpoint facilities allows us to uniquely ensure that the requirements from the customer through the GTI operations and to the supplier base are all taken into consideration at all times. This attention to detail, at all levels, allows for swift support to the end customer while challenging the local Team to provide focus where required.”

Life at Greenpoint

Agility, communication, and diligence drive us towards completion. See it all come together. Loving your work, and loving where you work is at the heart of Greenpoint.

Achieve with us.

We’re a fast, agile company that believes in getting things done. Delivering on time and on budget is a challenge that we relish. We recruit high-performers who get involved and make things happen.


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